The old-fashined episcopal town Vyskov lies in Vyskovska brana (gate) on the upper flow of the Hane river. Vyskovsky zamek (castle) was originally in gothic style from 15th century. There is the Museum of Vyskovsko (region) which offers eight permanent exhibition and interesting actual expositions. The museum has historical, archeological, ethnical collections and collection of fine art. The wide collection of Vyskov’s local pottery is well-known; it has the base here from the 18th century til 1945. The church of Nanebevzeti Panny Marie is interesting too. It has been built in 1464-1466 and in the 18th century, renewed into the baroque style. The history and the present meet yearly during “Dny evropskeho dedictvi” (Days of european heritage), when histoorical monuments are opened, the town has a medieval fair, folklore traditions but even sport evens and shows of cultural ensemble.

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Sight of Vyskov